About Medusa Snakes

A certain number of people or their children decide on Medusa for a costume every year and ask us questions. But we don't really have an answer, as everyone has a different idea of the effect they want - from an incredibly heavy mass of all different kinds of snakes, to a few snakes tastefully woven into their hair.  We have the R107 12" fully poseable snake that is frequently used - it comes in black, yellow, and/or green - they do have a little striping on them.   Because it has a wire in it, it is not as lightweight as some others.  The R232 Painted Stretch Rubber Snakes are also used (these snakes are quite small), sometimes intermingled with the more easily-seen 12" poseable snakes.  The full-bodied R414 and R415 baby snakes have open mouths and are quite realistic and bouncy for Medusa - and $1.00 each isn't too awful (there is also the R324 reddish snake with a closed mouth but otherwise the same.)  The R310 vipers are relatively inexpensive and look menacing, and the R299 stripey snakes are also frequently used (none of these are full-bodied underneath.) The R178 series of baby snakes are not full-bodied underneath and are lightweight - they will stay as posed but have some bounce.  Some people have used the R271 little rainforest snakes - these are fairly rigid.  People have surprised us in the past by picking snakes we wouldn't think of using, such as the hollow and fairly inflexible R228 Rainforest Snakes - this worked in a large hairdo with glitter sprayed on.  A few people have used the coiled R137A toy snakes woven together into a cap, although this is not the effect usually wanted.

When you pick a snake, it is important to take a piece of string the same length as the snake and then lay it down and put a few curves in it to get a valid idea of how big the snake will be. The snakes are all pictured and hopefully clear on these pages - http://www.veghead.com/reptiles/snakes.html and http://www.veghead.com/reptiles/funsnakes.html- and we have pictured many of the larger snakes being wrapped around a person and shown hanging at http://www.veghead.com/reptiles/snake-display.html.  Many of the smaller snakes are also shown in a medium-sized female hand at the bottom of the page.  If you have a question about particular choices, let us know, and we'll try to answer.

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